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here Welcome to Anubhava is Experience and Mantapa is a virtuous platform or a passage accessible to everyone. Each of us have several Anubhavas within us. This is a collection of my experiences and perspectives. Importantly, this is a platform for all of us to share our thoughts and points of view. Welcome to Anubhava Mantapa.

Friends are the real game changers of life

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follow site Friends are the real game changers of life Friends are the most important decision we make. Not Career. Not Education. I was talking to my daughter (22) the other day as I was chauffeuring her around the city. We were chatting over a cup of coffee and she said, “I am...

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Welcome to Anubhava Mantapa

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Welcome to Anubhava Mantapa There is always another point of view. I have always had this desire to build a communication platform to directly interact with all of you. One thing or the other was coming in the way. But, I am glad that it finally took shape. So, here...

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