Welcome to Anubhava Mantapa

There is always another point of view.

Anubhava Mantapa - Perspectives

I have always had this desire to build a communication platform to directly interact with all of you. One thing or the other was coming in the way. But, I am glad that it finally took shape. So, here as we start the journey into Anubhava Mantapa.

Everybody’s mind is a concoction of experiences they come across in their lives and the environment they are exposed to. So is my mind. I’ve been blessed and pretty fortunate to meet with a range of people with varied perspectives and stories. Each of those interactions helped me become aware and realize that there is always a different side to a story. And, when we understand that side of the story, our perspectives become more whole and complete.

Sounds simple? I know. It’s easier said than done as we have been conditioned to think that our beliefs are better than others’.

The entire battle in life is to bridge the gaps in perspective. If people can think in more than their angle, the world would be a better place, perhaps with lesser conflicts, wars and sorrows it brings.

So, this urge to communicate is to bridge that complex looking simple gap. I am not asking everyone to have the same beliefs and perspectives. All I am saying is that “there is always another point of view”. If we become aware of that fact and adjust our behavior, see how fast we grow as a person, society, nation and as a human being.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone immensely for your love and affection, perhaps more than what I deserve. This is our direct channel and feel free to leave a comment and I will definitely respond.

Thank you and hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Dr. Sharan