It’s not just about achieving…
Freedom comes with a price.

Kumar is a very energetic and enthusiastic 15-year-old working at a gas station in Bengaluru. One day I went to the gas station and asked him to fill the tank. He was happily whistling and filled the gas. He filled 34 liters and cut the bill for 40 liters. I was shocked and asked in a firm tone “why did you do that?”. Obviously, Kumar thought I wouldn’t notice and he can pocket the money. Without any remorse in his face, he responds “what sir, you are angry just because I was trying to take six liters of petrol. Look at how many people are stealing crores of Rupees openly. Why aren’t you saying anything about them? After all this is six liters and you wouldn’t even have noticed on a regular day”

Here is a 15-year old who didn’t even bat an eyelid about stealing six liters of petrol. Even more shocking is he found solace in the fact that there are bigger offenders. It changed a lot of things for me that day.

Freedom comes with a price. We spoke a great deal about how the next-generation is such a blessing to this nation. However, it is extremely important to know that expression in free world comes with a huge price tag.

For Kumar and millions of vulnerable youngsters like him, the discussion is not anymore about “is it the right thing to do”. The discussion is about “whether it is doable or not, any which way”. Here is the sequence of their thought process:

I want something -> Can I do it or not? -> Yes -> Do it.

I want something -> Can I do it or not? -> No -> Leave it.

There is no thought about right or wrong.

Achieving is not everything, but achieving it the right way certainly is. If this shift can happen in a youngster’s mind, the world will respect us ten times over.

In a free world you have choices. You cannot be regulated at every micro level. If the majority of our younger generation asks one question, then sky is the limit for our nation. The question is:

“Is it right”?

The flow of thought can be:

I want something -> Is it right? -> Yes. -> Do it whether it is tough or impossible.

I want something -> Is it right? -> No -> Drop it.

This is the biggest game changer for self and India. “Achieve the right way”


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Dr. Sharan