We are hungry for more and not insecure

Welcome to the next generation of India

The next generation is the best generation of India.

Every day, I meet several young people and I can’t tell you how much I am inspired by them. With just their presence, I have no doubts in saying that the next generation is very very special and the best one that India has ever produced.

From secure to purposefully insecure

Our previous to previous generation lived under someone else’s rule. They were freedom fighters, made a lot of sacrifices and grew and died with an immense national feeling. The next generation after we got freedom, who are now in their 50s and 60s, are perhaps the most insecure generation of all. They got freedom, but they were not free. They didn’t know when will it go away or what was going to happen. So, people went in overdrive to keep themselves and the future generations secured. Remember some of these statements?

“Get a job quickly, may be a Government one. Settle down”

“Become an engineer or a doctor. Their life is settled”

“Don’t quit your job”

“Save money for the future. Save it for the rainy day”

“Don’t take risks. Think about your family”

People who think about security all the time are the ones who are really insecure. This was all insecurity driven approach. Was it wrong? Absolutely not. That’s how the circumstances were.

Fast forward to this generation. Youngsters in this generation are evolving out of shyness, evolving out of thinking that we are the second best. We are punching above our weight everywhere – sports, technology, education, politics, medicine – you name it. We are just upping the ante. We know that the world will recognize us. We are perfectly poised at this point in time.

The cycle of generation change

I feel it’s a cycle. If you look at the western world now, they have been prosperous for generations. The safety standards are very high. The daily living, education etc are taken care of and they feel so secured. They already reached a stage where they get things very easily. There is no fire in belly. When things start going down, one or two generations get hit then they will wake up and start doing things differently.

Let me be me

Coming back, we are now at an unbelievable dawn of a new beginning. We had glorious past and then gone through all kinds of things. Now, look at the young people, especially the ones from tier two cities, they are so hungry to do something and that hunger is what is going to take us forward. They are hungry and they are not insecure. Look at how the conversation is changing, nobody is saying that they want a job for life.

“Let me do what I like. If it doesn’t work out I will do something else”.

When energy meets compassion

Even more exciting to me is the fact that they are extremely compassionate. They feel for their fellow citizens. They are as patriotic as any other generation of Indians. When they see a calamity, they are not the ones to sit quietly. They jump right into the scene and raise funds and do all that needs to be done. When we do Sparshvachana and Gurunamana, young people who are earning INR 25,000 don’t mind giving away INR 10,000. Which has never happened in the recent past, because we have valued that money too much for too long. Today, the youngsters don’t care much about money as they are confident that they can earn it back any day. Its opportunities galore and we are open.

Education all the way

There is a great emphasis on right things in India. E.g. Education. Here is what brings joy to me. When I speak to support staff at home, hospital and various other places I go – one big thing they want to do in their life is to educate their children. They will do any hard work, but they will ensure that their children get educated. That generation is coming up now which is a sheer joy. Talk about fire in the belly and these young people from a less privileged background taking over the reins. We will virtually become unstoppable.

Freedom with fearless expression

Another great thing that I see about the next generation is fearless expression. We have hungry people and we have a great platform for people to express themselves. Expressing oneself is a big thing in life. Its only when people are not allowed to express themselves, they don’t achieve potential. That is the very reason, I returned from UK leaving a very comfortable life. When I was there, I never felt that I could express myself. You have to toe the line. The system is established and it will tell you what you have to do and they don’t like anything to be said more or less. Just do your job. But, when I came back to India, I saw an opportunity to express myself. I can feel that sense of freedom and expression.

Welcome to this next generation India where people are hungry with fire in their belly, not insecure, patriotic, compassionate, educated and with fearless expression.

What else is the recipe for a thriving nation? Do you agree?

I am waiting to hear your thoughts.

Dr. Sharan