All successful people are positive. All positive people are successful. What comes first?

I have not seen a very successful person being negative. Are they born positive or some kind of success led to their positivity? How does it work?

Being Positive Dr. Sharan Patil Anubhava Mantapa

Let us forget about what comes first for a second. Here is how I feel it works …

When you are successful you always like to surround yourself or be in the company of positive and successful people. In fact, more than successful people, you want to surround yourself with positive people.

I’ve heard people saying to me, rather accusing “You’ve changed. You are a big man now and you don’t like to mingle with anybody who is not big. You don’t spend time. You ignore people who don’t have money. You don’t talk to them”.

The truth is, you ignore or stay away from people who have negative vibes and who are filled with pessimism. This doesn’t happen consciously. It’s like the natural system taking over. Subconsciously, you will take negativity or negative people off your list. This behavior might make you look like you’ve become arrogant. And, it’s not at all about people having money or not. It’s about people adding that extra element in your life which will make you feel even more positive. I would love to spend time with an intern who is extremely positive than a CEO who is full of negativity. Positivity actually predominates successful people. The eternal search is for that energy.

The natural instinct of successful people makes them always look for great ideas and the next great inspiration. For me, I feel very deprived when I don’t meet anyone inspiring for a month. I feel something lacking in my life. Lack of the positive energy around tends to deteriorate the quality of life.

What matters most is the kind of energy we carry and the company we keep. When we are in the company of positive people, we learn and imbibe a lot of positive habits. Winning is a habit and it rubs off very naturally. Little things that really construct a successful story are not found in books, cannot be preached – they have to be imbibed.

So here is my simple equation:

  1. Successful people want to and surround themselves with positive people.
  2. It is certain that if you are in the zone of positivity, success will come.
  3. Whether success comes immediately or not, being positive is a good start. You get in the zone of positive people and that is the stepping stone for success.

Stay positive, always. Spread the energy.